3 secrets to dressing like a true Parisian

parisian shirt jeans

When it comes to style, no one does it better than the French. What is in the water in the City of Lights that leads les Parisienness to dress so effortlessly chic? In this post, we share some of the best secrets to dressing like a true Parisian. Are you ready to channel your inner Jane Birkin?

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Source: Fervent Adepte de la Mode

1. Choose quality over quantity

Just a glance at a Parisians wardrobe reveals that the French always prefer a small collection of classic, well-tailored quality pieces over an extensive wardrobe bulging with this seasons’ trendiest items. And they’re absolutely right, because who doesn’t want those perfect pieces that you’ll slip on for years, instead of it coming and going along with the season’s hottest trends? By spending less on items you’ll only wear for one season and splurging on timeless designer pieces, your wardrobe will become your true BFF.

2. Smart is the new sexy

Be smart, dress smart. Despite the French’s seemingly unconditional love for everything romantic, flowy and feminine (who wouldn’t throw on a ruffle dress in the city of love?), they also seem to favor a good smart look that consists of their most loved well-tailored items that we talked about earlier. And lucky us: it may seem like a difficult task, but the Parisian smart upgrade to your outfit can easily be achieved. The secret is to look for some nice structured items like trousers or skirts with a good cut, that you’ll even find for a small price on the high street.

Are you ready for a more daring look? Try mixing up the feminine vibe of your outfit with some masculine elements by extending your wardrobe to menswear. Yves Saint Laurent already saw in 1966 that women, too, look stunning in a suit consisting of some good trousers and a nice blazer. And hunting for that perfect, slightly oversized blazer isn’t that hard: even at stores like Zara you’ll find that one blazer you’ll love for years.

parisian shirt jeans

3. Perfection is out of style

It isn’t a coincidence that the word ‘nonchalance’ has its origins in the French language. The French are professionals at looking perfectly put together yet still effortless all at once. How to achieve their effortless chic look yourself? Try mixing dressy pieces like nice blouses or jackets with some more casual items like a good pair of jeans or simple ballet flats. And embrace your messy, ‘I woke up like this’-hairdo: it is the icing on the cake to your perfect Parisian-inspired outfit.