10 Instagram style bloggers to follow right now

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From beautifully composed flat lays to the most inspiring #ootd’s: some style bloggers and influencers truly curate the most fascinating Instagram accounts. Today, we’re sharing our 10 favorite and most inspiring accounts that you want in your feed right now.

1. Paulien Riemis

In 2009, Paulien Riemis created polienne.com, a personal style blog and general platform for her writings. Next to her blog, she also developed a succesful Instagram account. After some years of blogging and snapping as a hobby, she decided to take the plunge and Polienne grew to be her fulltime job next to her other huge passion: modelling.

Why we love Pauliens feed: Paulien posts inspiring ootd’s and other snapshots of her life almost daily. We are jealous of her cool but sophisticated outfits in which she succesfully pairs beautiful designer items with more accessible high street ones.

2. Courtney Halverson

The award for the most calming Instagram account goes to Courtney Halverson from @prettylittlefawn. As a lover of all things vintage, Courtney posts delicate #ootd’s and other inspiring pictures that give us some serious nostalgia.

Why we love Courtney’s feed: If you’re in the mood for beautifully composed pictures and a warm, cozy feeling, this is the feed for you. And have we talked about the browny-beige color story that Courtney uses throughout her feed? Absolute feed goals!

3. Jenny Cipoletti

If there’s one Instagram feed we’re scrolling through, feeling excited and inspired by every single picture, it must be Jenny’s @margoandme. She started her blog in 2014 to showcase her style and write about her love for fashion. Quickly, her blog (on which she publishes truly interesting content) and social media grew to be enormously popular with over 400K followers.

Why we love Jenny’s feed: Scrolling through Jenny’s feed feels like looking at the princess dream we all had when we were a little girl. Her ultra-feminine and romantic style looks like she was plucked from some vintage French movie and we secretly love.it.so.much.

P a r i s 💫 When the sun came out ❤️ #paris #pfw

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4. Olja Ryzevski

Together with her boyfriend, Olja created a website to showcase their photography projects. Olja, however, never lost her love for fashion, which is a big part of her Instagram feed. Not a traditional style blogger’s feed, Olja’s Instagram consists of laid-back outfit shots, gorgeously composed photography and cute little snapshots of her life.

Why we love Olja’s feed: Stylish outfit shots are alternated with high-quality photography projects, which makes for the ultimate inspiration not only for fashion addicts but also for photography lovers. Her fun and approachable ootd’s make Olja as big an example as your big sister.

5. Marlien Besselink

What do you do when fashion is your biggest love in life? Marlien found her way of sharing her passion by creating a blog and becoming a freelance content creator. On her blog, you find inspiring outfit posts and interesting trend reports. And because her blog wasn’t quite enough to share all the passion, she just continues sharing beautiful outfit posts on her Instagram.

Why we love Marliens feed: If you start following Marlien, get ready for daily outfit inspiration. And did we talk about her exquisite taste? Whether you’re a comfy or sophisticated kind of girl, or anything in between, you’ll definitely be inspired by Marliens fashion sense.

6. Katrien Verhoeven

Katrien is one of the few successful fashion influencers who focus only on Instagram without first gaining fame through a blog or other platform. Hence, her feed is very meticously curated, with every post being one story in her ‘fashion diary’, what she likes to call it. Katriens feed is the way to go if you love some good outfit inspiration that’s on board with all the current trends.

Why we love Katriens feed: We’re glad this diary isn’t secret, because we’d miss some serious outfit goals! Katriens fashion style is quite unique: she always succeeds at that difficult combination of edgy and feminine pieces. Her feed encourages everyone to step out of their comfort zone.


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7. Hanna Stefansson

Hanna Stefansson gained fame as a blogger for Swedish Elle. Next to her remarkable breakfast pictures (those beautiful flat lays are the perfect start to our day), she regularly showcases her perfect ootds in true Scandinavian style.

Why we love Hanna’s feed: What’s not to love about Scandinavian fashion, especially when it’s styled to perfection? We just can’t get enough of her clean yet exciting style!

new projects on its waaaaaay 💛

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8. Linh Niller

Minimalists unite! If there’s one new Instagram account you’re going to follow today, let it be @linhniller. After graduating Parsons, she started her blog to share her love for fashion with the world. Now, she’s a succesful content creator and influencer with over 40K followers and counting on Instagram.

Why we love Linhs feed: Linhs effortless yet elegant style serves as the perfect outfit inspiration for anyone who likes to dress minimal. Her eye for beautiful materials and compostions delivers some serious feed goals.

9. Audrey Lombard

Are you annoyed by bloggers and influencers showcasing upscale outfits that are unattainable for you? Then you’ll love Audreys feed. Her daily outfit pictures are taken standing or sitting in front of her mirror at home. So accessible! We also live for her color story: neutrals never looked more exciting.

Why we love Audreys feed: Audreys chic and effortless style becomes even more accessible on her website. There, she posts all the details about her ootds. Not enough? You easily find your way to her own webshop. But beware: the temptation is big in this one!

10. Sammy Slabbinck

We may have cheated a little bit with this last one, because Sammy isn’t really a style blogger or influencer. Instead, he is a collage artist who shares his work on Instagram. By playing with images, colors and proportions, Sammy always creates these surreal compositions that get you thinking out of the box.

Why we love Sammy’s feed: A little creative inspiration never hurt nobody, right? And if his feed isn’t enough, you can head on over to his website and check the other work he’s done. Definitely makes you want to cut up your magazines and be a collage artist yourself.